DHS String Tutoring Program: Tutor Info

The DHS Strings Tutoring Program is a student-led program within the DHS Orchestra Program striving to motivate elementary and junior high school students to enjoy playing and practicing their instrument. Tutors will help their students develop a strong understanding and passion for music. Tutors will be paid $25/hour for lessons. However, tutors can also choose to receive community service hours instead.

Tutors are advanced high school musicians playing in the DHS Orchestra Program. The DHS Music Director, Mr. Moreno, approves and trains all tutors. Tutors will receive parents directly from student parents, unless their student is on a scholarship, in which case they will receive payment from the DHS-Holmes Orchestra Boosters. Further information can be found in the Tutor Contract.

High School orchestra musicians interested in tutoring an elementary/middle school student need to take the following steps:

DHS Tutor Contract and Waiver of Liability & Indemnification Agreement;

After being matched with a student, the DHS Tutor is provided with the student’s contact information and will be responsible to contact the student’s parent or guardian to determine a convenient date, time, and location for lessons.  An adult must be present at each lesson.