DHS Piano Tutoring

The DHS Piano Tutoring Program is a team of motivated high school musicians aiming to provide younger elementary and junior high school students with affordable piano lessons. Our team consists of diligent, experienced musicians with 5+ years of experience. 

We hope to supplement students' music education or begin their journey into the world of music. 

More information for prospective students and tutors can be found below or by emailing dhspianotutoring@gmail.com.

Lesson Materials:

All relevant lesson materials (core lesson books + supplemental resources) are listed here. Included are images and links to each book to be accessible to all tutors and parents.


Both student and tutor registration can be found here, including all relevant documents and information. Responses to each registration form are reviewed by the Davis Piano Tutoring Program administration team, who will get back to both tutors and students/parents promptly. 

Lesson Records:

Each tutor is expected to submit a lesson records form at the end of each quarter-long cycle, which can be found here. Student/tutor info, number of minutes, and payment proof are all kept in record through submissions by tutors.